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glow berry sleeping balm
glow berry sleeping balm
glow berry sleeping balm
glow berry sleeping balm
glow berry sleeping balm
glow berry sleeping balm

glow berry sleeping balm


This super smooth and dreamy glow balm is the perfect moisturizer to end (or start!) your day with. Squalane oil (extracted from olives) is ultra quick absorbing, which makes this balm easy to wear, while goji and hibiscus bring a luxurious feel and powerful glow. Use it as your moisturizer, a cheekbone highlighter, to tame eyebrows, or as a lash booster. You decide! It's basically a green juice for your face, and that newfound glow is all the proof you'll need.

The magic behind our glow berry sleeping balm is the ingredients we have chosen. Honey is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, pH balancing, hydrating, gently exfoliating, and detoxing. It's nature's liquid gold. The oils we use are light and quick absorbing, so your skin gets the maximum hydration possible (they all also fall low on the comedogenic scale, meaning they won't clog your pores!). Beeswax adds the protecting factor, making this balm the bomb.

More than just good-for-your-skin ingredients, it's important to know where they come from. The beeswax we use is pure and harvested in Michigan from wildflower hives. The honey is raw from the comb of star thistle hives. It doesn't get heated, processed, or overfiltered. Even better, our oils are unrefined, so you get every phytonutrient available. That means our oils aren't subjected to extreme heat, bleach, winterizing, deodorizing, or other chemical solvents. 


spotlight ingredients:

goji oil - evens skin tone, hydrates, and diminishes dark spots

pure beeswax - moisturizes and protects the skin (without clogging pores!) while also banishing bacteria

hibiscus oil - rich in antioxidants and has natural exfoliating abilities. It purifies, tones, and hydrates like a dream

ingredients: squalane, unrefined organic oil blend [hazelnut, hibiscus, and oat], cold pressed goji oil, pure beeswax, raw honey, blue tansy essential oil

because our honey is raw, you might find some crystallized pieces and see some white swirled in. That's because unprocessed honey naturally hardens, which might end up in your balm because we don't overheat it!

there's no need for preservatives here, because our ultraviolet glass jars act as their very own light fighting preservative system!

How to use: scoop a pea size amount and dot on forehead, cheeks, and chin before massaging into skin. Continue down neck with excess. Can be used morning and night (because this balm is ultra hydrating, only use a little for your daytime glow).

Pro tip: spritz skin with your favorite toner or cleansing water so skin is damp before massaging your balm in. This helps seal in hydration and give you that maximum glow! 

**store in a cool, dry place 

because each batch is made by hand in small quantities, color may vary between batch