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who we are

We'll try to keep this short and sweet.

Our mission behind this brand is to be mindful as a company about where we source our ingredients. The processing behind each ingredient in each product we use DOES matter. It's important, as a consumer, to know where each little piece of the puzzle fits into the bigger picture, which is why we are as transparent as possible when it comes to those pieces.

We go farther than using "natural" ingredients. We want the story behind those ingredients. Where were those blue tansy flowers grown and steam distilled? Whose hands harvested the raw honey from the star thistle combs? We want to know who we are collaborating with and how we can support small makers, hobby farmers, and other business owners who care about the impact they have on people and our environment.

We source ingredients that have been touched as little as possible. Using mostly unrefined oils, co2 extracts, raw honey, and pure wildflower beeswax, we know the amount of processing going into each ingredient (which is to say very little, if any). It's important to us to empower you as our customers to dig deeper into what clean beauty means to you. We want you to feel good about the things you put on your skin, it's as simple as that.

We also believe in minimalist skincare. Although self care rituals, whatever they look like, are very individualized (hey, if a 10 step routine is your thing, go for it), we encourage you to sift through your products and toss out the ones that either don't make you happy or are overrun with nasty ingredients. When you pare down the amount of things going onto your skin, it's able to recover and begin to normalize again. 

Let's be honest. The skin care industry is 99% marketing, and faulty marketing at that. Being informed and conscious about your ritualized choices is empowering and should feel like a major win. So, get digging and go for gold.