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the dirty truth

It's time for the dirty truth, dun dun dun....

In the U.S., only 30 ingredients have been banned from use in cosmetics, compared to over 1300 in the EU. That's mind boggling.

One of the concepts behind this brand, and something we are extremely passionate about, is educating consumers on the falsehoods behind marketing and what many brands get away with in terms of packaging and misinformation. What you'll find here is a list of ingredients commonly found in "clean" beauty products and an idea of what they are, how they can affect your body, and why companies formulate with them. The purpose of this list isn't to shame you as a consumer, or call out other beauty brands using these ingredients, but rather to provide understanding and knowledge so you can feel empowered when making choices for your skin and what you put on it.

Here are some of the most commonly found ingredients (many marketed as "natural") in the beauty industry:

PHENOXYETHANOL - a natural or synthetic glycol ether used mainly for preservative purposes. It is known to be irritating to the skin, is linked to reduced fertility, and can suppress the nervous system.


adapted from Follain