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the wildling cleansing balm
the wildling cleansing balm
the wildling cleansing balm
the wildling cleansing balm
the wildling cleansing balm
the wildling cleansing balm

the wildling cleansing balm


wild thing. you make our hearts sing.

We're wild about nature, so we wanted to offer a cleansing balm featuring wild harvested ingredients. Wild harvesting is the practice of gathering materials from the wild, or an untouched ecosystem. It involves passion and pride in one's environment as you have to be careful to nurture it in a healthy, thankful way. 

This oil blend is the ultimate in green cleansing. It exfoliates, cleans, dissolves sebum (oil) in pores, reduces acne-causing bacteria, ultra hydrates, fights inflammation, and heals damaged skin. Our cleansing balm has over 10x the honey of our toning and sleeping balm, so its easy to remove and has important cleansing abilities. Its the perfect combo of honey washing and oil cleansing in a mess-free, creamy balm that you'll look forward to ritualizing with every day. 

It's also essential oil free so even the most sensitive skin can indulge!

The magic behind our wildling cleansing balm is the ingredients we have chosen. Honey is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, pH balancing, hydrating, gently exfoliating, and detoxing. It's nature's liquid gold. The oils we use are light and quick absorbing, so your skin gets the maximum hydration possible (they all also fall low on the comedogenic scale, meaning they won't clog your pores!). Beeswax adds the protecting factor, making this balm the bomb.

More than just good-for-your-skin ingredients, it's important to know where they come from. The beeswax we use is raw from the comb of star thistle hives. The honey is ethically harvested from the wilds of Wyoming and remains raw. It doesn't get heated, processed, or filtered. Even better, most of our oils are unrefined and the rest are wildcrafted, so you get every phytonutrient available. That means our oils aren't subjected to extreme heat, bleach, winterizing, deodorizing, or other chemical solvents. 

*because our honey is wildharvested and our beeswax is super raw, you may find a little speck of something wild in this balm. We do our best to filter out anything that's not smooth and creamy for the skin, but sometimes using the rawest and wildest ingredients means you get an extra little piece of nature.


spotlight ingredients:

unrefined sea buckthorn oil - exfoliates and cleans

papaya leaf - rich in vitamin C and A, which lightens and brightens skin for blinding radiance

wildharvested kalahari melon seed oil - cleanses and contains linolenic acid which helps unclog pores and remove excess sebum on the surface of the skin. Its also full of antioxidants and vitamins A, C and E!

ingredients: charcoal filtered absynnian oil, squalane, unrefined oil blend [oat, black cumin, sea buckthorn], wildharvested kalahari melon seed oil, olive oil infused with papaya leaf, raw wildharvested honey*, raw beeswax, co2 extracted turmeric

*may contain bee pollen, propolis, and honeycomb (do not use if bee sensitive)

because our honey is raw, you might find some crystallized pieces and see some white swirled in. That's because unprocessed honey naturally hardens, which might end up in your balm because we don't overheat it!

there's no need for preservatives here, because our ultraviolet glass jars act as their very own light fighting preservative system!

How to use: scoop a dime size amount and dot on forehead, cheeks, and chin before massaging into skin. Continue down neck with excess. Let it sink in for a few minutes as a mask or simply remove with warm washcloth (may stain) or sponge. 

Here's how to tell how much cleansing balm you need to use: after you've massaged your balm into your skin, if your fingers are oily,  you've used too much. If your fingers feel sticky, then you've used just the right amount!

Pro tip: spritz skin with your favorite toner or cleansing water so skin is damp before massaging your cleansing balm in. This helps emulsify your cleanser, making it snap to remove!

**store in a cool, dry place 

because each batch is made by hand in small quantities, color may vary between batches